Digestive Remedies

Try our tasty digestive candies. Available in six exciting flavours, pop one in after every meal.


Indian cuisine is rich in oil and spices; the primary cause of acidity, indigestion and gastric tendencies. Furthermore, the lack of proper hygiene, such as washing hands before eating, continued to be an issue for rural India. These two combined continue to be the primary drivers of digestive remedies in India. In the year 2013, digestive remedies grew by 8%. In the same year, antacids witnessed a growth of 9%. Wings range of digestive remedies have established their brand presence and earned trust over the years. Our brands earned sales mostly through recommendations from regular users to family and friends, which drove the preference of our brands among consumers.

Larla Candy


Lara candy mingling candy that's fun to have, any time of the day.

Lara candy is very good remedy for indigestion. It aids in the digestion process and also increases appetite. It has a sweet and mingling taste that is liked by all. The natural Ingredients have healing properties, neutralize toxins and help in the absorption of the food. An improvement in the digestive process also means good nourishment and also improved detoxification process

Available in six exciting flavours, these tasty candies will tease your taste buds. And leave you asking more more.


Aids digestion. A pleasant after-taste.


Digestive candies, available in six exciting flavours. Each pack contains 250 candies.

Customer Testimonial:

“These candies are awesome. I love the imli flavour the most.”

Rinu Kaur,