Line of Business

Prescription Product Division

An article in Indian Express on November 14, 2014 stated that 50 million people in India are diabetic. The numbers for hypertension, obesity and other such ailments are equally staggering. While that was food for thought for many, for the team at Wings, it was a call to act.

These metabolic diseases deserved special attention which was dedicated to bringing these figures down and improving the lives of those affected. On a chilly-evening of 7 December, 2011, the board members at Wings laid the foundation stone for the Metabolic Division and it came into being. The division focuses on various health related problems and disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and increasing co-morbidities – complications and non-compliance at large.

It manufactures specialised drugs that are based on prescriptions. With its products reaching all parts of India, the division today has a team strength of over 400 employees.